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Science and the Media:
Communicating Natural Resource Issues to the Press
A Media Communication Workshop for National Park Service Staff
October 17-19, 2005

Program Details

Extensive research is conducted on U.S. national parks that influences natural resource management decision-making and knowledge of park ecosystems. Public understanding of the science that affects park management is crucial for public support of the national parks. This seminar addressed questions of how NPS public information officers can strengthen their efforts to work with the media to make this valuable research accessible to the public.

The seminar consisted of two public lectures, one a keynote, several media skills and perspectives sessions, and three case study sessions presented over a two-day period.

The workshop provided an overview of how the press operates and explored constraints on scientists and journalists. Case studies centered around three research-based themes that addressed problems faced by NPS management and public information officials who deal with the media. In an effort to strengthen communication skills, participants learned about and practiced crafting messages and media strategies, in thematic context, that would engage as well as inform the public.

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